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There is great deal of rich history surrounding the Central Coast in California, particularly in San Luis Obispo, Los Osos, Avilla Beach, and Baywood Park. These areas comprise four of the main destinations for anyone looking to soak in the Central Coast culture.
San Luis Obispo lies halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and has a lot to see and do. Both wildlife and travelers migrate here, albeit for different reasons. San Luis Obispo has plenty of wildlife nature reserves for people who love animals, including the 22,000 acre Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Preserve, one of America’s top 10 bird-watching sites. Just 20 miles north of San Luis Obipso lies, the small town Cayucos is also host to a variety of wildlife.
Cayucos was built around a shipping port founded in 1875 by Captain James Cass after he settled there in 1867. With all of the nature around you, San Luis Obispo remains a premier tourist destination for those looking to soak up nature and revel in the natural beauty around them.
Los Osos and Baywood Park are often paired together as hidden gems surrounded by nature preserves. These include a natural marine estuary and one of California’s most spectacular state parks, Montana de Oro. The Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portolá passed through in 1769 and found a large number of grizzly bears in the valley. The Spaniards came to call the place Los Osos (“bears” in Spanish) and even though the bears are long gone unfortunately, much of their habitat remains the same as it was.
The town also has plenty of tourist destinations including inns and a golf course. No matter your taste, there is something for you to do, though nature lovers might enjoy the area the best.
Avila Beach helps to make each season one to really remember. Avila Beach has been a popular tourist destination since the 1880s. Prospectors discovered white-hot artesian mineral springs and since then, the health conscious from Los Angeles, San Francisco and beyond have come to feel the healing effects of the water.
The beach remains just as popular today and is one of the top destinations on the Golden Coast for vacationers looking to enjoy some sun, sea, and sand. The springs are still just as popular too, with plenty of holiday-goers visiting them. Locals claim that Avila Beach is the sunniest beach in the region, as warm temperatures and lovely blue skies remain present, even when the rest of the Golden Coast is cold and foggy.
It’s a beautiful destination with a wonderful beach and a great coastal town to boot. Even though it’s known largely as a beach, it is more than just a summer destination and offers plenty to do all year round. No matter what it is you want out of your vacation, the Central Coast is bound to have something that you will enjoy and talk about for quite a long time to come. You will also be encouraged to come back around again and see what you missed the first time because there was just so much to do!